I have taken an unfinished sketchbook, with drawings that I did 4 years ago. How time flies. The drawings in there looked naked, I drew them in the countryside, around cows.

Cows and Colors – Ink drawing, oil pastel, water-color


I decided to put some more ink drawings on top of the old ones, and play with color and ideas.

Sketching recipe: Ingredients: sketchbook, pencil, pen, ink color, things you like, and a sprinkle of fun.

Allow yourself being intuitive, you sketchbook doesn’t have any expectations….draw anything you feel attracted to, cats, laundry, food, trees, flowers, faces. You’ll thank me later when you look into your sketchbook, after a few weeks, and there they are, your drawings, sparkling little souvenirs!

Summer, then and now – ink drawing, watercolor, oil pastel


My Little Buddha

click to enlarge – Ink Drawing on Canson drawing paper

I don”t know much about Buddhism, but I have a little Buddha statue.

This Buddha is sitting in a special place I made for him, he’s surrounded be a rose crystal, an incense holder, a little candle shaped like a lotus flower.

He is always smiling, eyes closed. He is a medicinal Buddha (Sangye Menla) so he holds a little shallow pan in his right hand. He sits in the middle of a blossoming lotus flower and he is very heavy. When I need to feel grounded, I take the little statue in both hands and sit with it.