Recipe page – oilpastel, watercolor, ink

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Lemon Pasta


Andrea and I are having a love affair with pasta, but who does not?  I also have a huge love of lemons.  I can’t get enough lemon.  A while back I heard someone talking about Lemon Pasta which sounded really good to me. I thought I could come up with some recipe for a Lemon Pasta and this is what came of said thought.  It is a very basic recipe and many things could be added to it to make a wonderful meal.  I even change it around for myself, as I cannot have any dairy products.  You could add some nice dark green veggies, chicken or fish if you eat such things, how about chopped walnuts or just about anything you like.  You could even make it a creamy lemon sauce by adding cream or take it in a Greek direction with feta cheese.

So here is what you do.  Cook you favorite shape pasta the way you normally do, but save some of that cooking water at the end.  When the pasta is cooked, drained and in a bowl, toss in lemon zest, lemon juice and the garlic.  These quantities depend on how many people you are feeding.  Most people like one lemon per serving, but I prefer two.  One garlic clove per serving is my preference, but some people may want more.  At any rate, once the lemon and garlic are tossed with the hot pasta, then add in that reserved pasta water.  Begin adding by a large tablespoon (I do not mean the measuring type, but the serving type) at a time.  When you feel there is a nice, light sauce you can stop.  There does not have to be a lot, but enough to keep it moist.  Place this in a serving bowl and top with a beautiful, hard Italian cheese.  You can grate or chip that cheese, depending on your preference. 

I buy as much organic as I can and encourage you to do the same.  If you cannot tolerate wheat, why not try rice noodles.  While the pasta water may not make as nice a sauce, I think it would work very well.  If you cannot tolerate dairy, nutritional yeast or a vegan Parmesan would work just fine.  This is such a flexible recipe, I think you will be able to easily make it your own!  While it does have pasta, it does not have any oil, butter or other added fat.  That is a plus.

Lemon Pasta is a lovely base for leftovers, so I hope you enjoy it!

RECIPE: Salmon under mustard cover (Saumon à la moutarde)

Do you like Salmon? We had Salmon for lunch yesterday. My boyfriend cooked, I painted.

Here’s the recipe:

Saumon à la Moutarde – ink and oilpastel


a big filet of Salmon for two, (if it still has one side with the skin, put it skin down) – freshly ground black pepper,  – sea salt, –  freshly chopped parsley (and if you find it, some chervil and red juniper berries),  – Dijon mustard,  – olive oil.

Put the salmon in a baking dish, spread a thick layer (1 cm) of mustard onto the filet, and sprinkle the spices over it. Then pour some olive oil (at least three big soup spoons full) around the filet, tighten a piece of aluminum foil over the baking dish.

Into the oven with it, for 20 minutes, at 200 °C (392 °F)


PS: If you can, buy organic (bio-) salmon.

PPS: Wow, I’m really hungry now….