“Does she only paint cats?” do you ask.

The thing is, at the moment  I can just grab this bit of time, in the morning. At least I have this, there will be better times for bigger paintings, but for now it’s this. Oskar and Knut. Knut and Oskar. Actually, more of Knut cause Oskar is a respectable older tomcat, he appreciates to be my model but after a while he gets sleepy and goes downstairs for a nap on his (uh, my)  favorite armchair.

Knut’s World – Ink and pencil on 24 x 32 Canson Paper 260 gm


Knut and Oskar – at the window

This morning, they sat so peacefully, looking out of the window. Their tails crossed, I thought that looked so sweet, I had to draw it.

Pencil and ink, on yellowish stationary paper

NEWS FROM KNUT – Neues von Knut

KNUT – ink drawing on A4 Canson Paper



I have taken an unfinished sketchbook, with drawings that I did 4 years ago. How time flies. The drawings in there looked naked, I drew them in the countryside, around cows.

Cows and Colors – Ink drawing, oil pastel, water-color


I decided to put some more ink drawings on top of the old ones, and play with color and ideas.

Sketching recipe: Ingredients: sketchbook, pencil, pen, ink color, things you like, and a sprinkle of fun.

Allow yourself being intuitive, you sketchbook doesn’t have any expectations….draw anything you feel attracted to, cats, laundry, food, trees, flowers, faces. You’ll thank me later when you look into your sketchbook, after a few weeks, and there they are, your drawings, sparkling little souvenirs!

Summer, then and now – ink drawing, watercolor, oil pastel


In the morning

Oh, Dear, I hear something, downstairs……. Did you hear it too? …What’s that thing there in the corner, I have to take a look…..grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr………..oh well, just a dead fly…..      Too early anyway….let’s take another nap.

Knut in the morning – ink drawing


In the morning

Ink and watercolor sketch

What are you doing? Will you play with me? Oh, you draw….Ok then, I’ll take a little nap!


KNUT the cat, kneading

Knut the cat on my sofa, kneading the pillow, ink and soft pastel