My Father’s Garden

This is a painting I did in Germany, and I posted in on my Parisdreamtime blog already. Nevertheless I think the people who come here do not necessarily go there, so here it is. This is really about how I FEEL this garden and what it represents for me. Snuggling up in it, I feel safe. Back in Paris now, we finally have a fine summer, too. Have a wonderful day, enjoy nature and the fleeting moment, greetings from me to you, Andrea. AHdP

Ink and oil on paper (Canson 24 x 32 cm – 250)



I have taken an unfinished sketchbook, with drawings that I did 4 years ago. How time flies. The drawings in there looked naked, I drew them in the countryside, around cows.

Cows and Colors – Ink drawing, oil pastel, water-color


I decided to put some more ink drawings on top of the old ones, and play with color and ideas.

Sketching recipe: Ingredients: sketchbook, pencil, pen, ink color, things you like, and a sprinkle of fun.

Allow yourself being intuitive, you sketchbook doesn’t have any expectations….draw anything you feel attracted to, cats, laundry, food, trees, flowers, faces. You’ll thank me later when you look into your sketchbook, after a few weeks, and there they are, your drawings, sparkling little souvenirs!

Summer, then and now – ink drawing, watercolor, oil pastel


It Is Against Law

a cat stretches her back
this is a yawning
a cat is quite courteous
a cat greets by yawning
instead of shouting and babbling

I like a cat
I admire a cat
next time I see my lady friend
I shall greet her with utmost courtesy
I shall stretch my back and yawn
right in front of her

two dogs introduce themselves
by sniffing each other’s behind
usually by a fire hydrant

is that a courtesy?
next time I see my lady friend
in front of a fire station
I shall greet her with utmost courtesy
I shall…….
it is against law

just yawn
like a polite cat

Suchoon Mo_