Knut and Oskar – at the window

This morning, they sat so peacefully, looking out of the window. Their tails crossed, I thought that looked so sweet, I had to draw it.

Pencil and ink, on yellowish stationary paper


RECIPE: Salmon under mustard cover (Saumon à la moutarde)

Do you like Salmon? We had Salmon for lunch yesterday. My boyfriend cooked, I painted.

Here’s the recipe:

Saumon à la Moutarde – ink and oilpastel


a big filet of Salmon for two, (if it still has one side with the skin, put it skin down) – freshly ground black pepper,  – sea salt, –  freshly chopped parsley (and if you find it, some chervil and red juniper berries),  – Dijon mustard,  – olive oil.

Put the salmon in a baking dish, spread a thick layer (1 cm) of mustard onto the filet, and sprinkle the spices over it. Then pour some olive oil (at least three big soup spoons full) around the filet, tighten a piece of aluminum foil over the baking dish.

Into the oven with it, for 20 minutes, at 200 °C (392 °F)


PS: If you can, buy organic (bio-) salmon.

PPS: Wow, I’m really hungry now….

My Little Buddha

click to enlarge – Ink Drawing on Canson drawing paper

I don”t know much about Buddhism, but I have a little Buddha statue.

This Buddha is sitting in a special place I made for him, he’s surrounded be a rose crystal, an incense holder, a little candle shaped like a lotus flower.

He is always smiling, eyes closed. He is a medicinal Buddha (Sangye Menla) so he holds a little shallow pan in his right hand. He sits in the middle of a blossoming lotus flower and he is very heavy. When I need to feel grounded, I take the little statue in both hands and sit with it. 

Quick Sketch and Help for Sensitive Skin


I am working on doing some quick (not drafted) sketches.  They don’t always come out straight, but it is nice to allow yourself what comes out to open up for ideas for larger painting ideas.  This particular sketch was of a few things which were on my table the other day.  The body cream you see here is by 100%Pure.  They have amazing products made from natural, organic ingredients.  I, personally, have very sensitive skin, so they are a life saver to me.  Their mascara is the only brand I have found I can tolerate.  So if you have sensitive skin or you are just concerned about the products you put on your body as well as in it, I highly recommend 100% Pure.  Do you have a brand you like?

Reuse gift papers!


This is a quick little sketch to keep the creative process going in a gentle, prodding way.  Additionally, try to limit your “throw away” paper consumption by reusing gift bags or gift paper.  There is something very appealing about a soft paper which has been used before and you continue to do your part.

As for accomplishments, I just did what I had to do as things came along.   -Eleanor Roosevelt