“Does she only paint cats?” do you ask.

The thing is, at the moment  I can just grab this bit of time, in the morning. At least I have this, there will be better times for bigger paintings, but for now it’s this. Oskar and Knut. Knut and Oskar. Actually, more of Knut cause Oskar is a respectable older tomcat, he appreciates to be my model but after a while he gets sleepy and goes downstairs for a nap on his (uh, my)  favorite armchair.

Knut’s World – Ink and pencil on 24 x 32 Canson Paper 260 gm


Knut and Oskar – at the window

This morning, they sat so peacefully, looking out of the window. Their tails crossed, I thought that looked so sweet, I had to draw it.

Pencil and ink, on yellowish stationary paper


It Is Against Law

a cat stretches her back
this is a yawning
a cat is quite courteous
a cat greets by yawning
instead of shouting and babbling

I like a cat
I admire a cat
next time I see my lady friend
I shall greet her with utmost courtesy
I shall stretch my back and yawn
right in front of her

two dogs introduce themselves
by sniffing each other’s behind
usually by a fire hydrant

is that a courtesy?
next time I see my lady friend
in front of a fire station
I shall greet her with utmost courtesy
I shall…….
it is against law

just yawn
like a polite cat

Suchoon Mo_