No Cats, Just Bottles

I continue to be excited by wine bottles, so I am exploring many ways to express them.  Slowly other bottle shapes are seeping into my work.  Andrea has the cats, I have bottles at the moment.



“Does she only paint cats?” do you ask.

The thing is, at the moment  I can just grab this bit of time, in the morning. At least I have this, there will be better times for bigger paintings, but for now it’s this. Oskar and Knut. Knut and Oskar. Actually, more of Knut cause Oskar is a respectable older tomcat, he appreciates to be my model but after a while he gets sleepy and goes downstairs for a nap on his (uh, my)  favorite armchair.

Knut’s World – Ink and pencil on 24 x 32 Canson Paper 260 gm

My Father’s Garden

This is a painting I did in Germany, and I posted in on my Parisdreamtime blog already. Nevertheless I think the people who come here do not necessarily go there, so here it is. This is really about how I FEEL this garden and what it represents for me. Snuggling up in it, I feel safe. Back in Paris now, we finally have a fine summer, too. Have a wonderful day, enjoy nature and the fleeting moment, greetings from me to you, Andrea. AHdP

Ink and oil on paper (Canson 24 x 32 cm – 250)

Sketchbook Bottles

I have been exploring some line work and been obsessed with bottles lately. This is something I pulled from my sketchbook for you to see.  This was done in a Moleskine watercolor book.  The colors are watercolors and the lines are just done with a technical pen.   KRF