Next Show is in Fulda, Germany, from July 5th to September 30



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Brochure for new ATELIER325 event in July

Brochure for new ATELIER325 event in July

I have been working on our marketing material for weeks now. You know how it is when  you create, for example, a brochure or a flyer. You sit down at the computer, you just want to work for an hour and next time you look it’s just 3 hours later!

Many things are happening for us right now and we would like to share some of that. Kim has been preparing her daughter’s marriage for months now, (she sew the wedding dress and I can tell you that it’s pure magic) and I prepare my definite leave from my dayjob. We have planned a Creative Art Retreat for later this year (see the brochure above)  and am now sending out this information to people who might be interested in joining us in Paris for this event.

Kim will travel to Germany in June, we’ll meet there and then participate (June 23rd)  in the Art Market ‘Fluss mit Flair” in Giessen,  my hometown. Of course I especially love this event as it will allow me to see my family again and many many old friends and also introduce Kim, my friend and business-partner, to all of them!

Next planned event will be….a wonderful Art Exhibition in Fulda, Germany, together with our friend Verena Kühnlein. The title of the exhibition is “Meeresbewohner – Marine Creatures” .

We have begun paintings for this exhibition, and will give you a preview soon. Stay coonnected, enjoy Spring, greetings from Paris

Fluss Mit Flair in Giessen, Germany

We have exciting news!  On the 23rd of June (2013) Atelier 325 will be at the Fluss Mit Flair in Giessen, Germany!

RedKitty  watermarked

Did you miss the market in Heuchelheim in November?  Would you just like to see more of the work we have on offer?  By all means, mark your calendar and plan a trip to Giessen on 23 June 2013!  The festival will begin about 11:00 with all kinds of fun!


We will still have “Bottles and Cats” (paintings) as well as some never before seen items!  Come by and look for us.  We plan on having lots of fun.


This weekend I went to see graduating Clowns at “Le Samovar” , a school for clowns and physical comedy, in Bagnolet at the gates of Paris.

According to the college brochure “…The Samovar teaches the art of clown, from the creation of a character to the skills involved in creating shows. The whole process is based on the specific qualities and desires of each individual…..”

It’s a wonderful school that teaches a two year course for people who want to work as a clown on the stage.  If you are interested to know more about the school and the courses, here’s the link for more information, in French AND in English! LE SAMOVAR

Each clown presented a personal sketch with his/her creation of a special character. The different sketches included singing, dancing, playing music with various instruments and also athletic acts. Sketching the clowns is a challenge, as they are always doing something….you have to let your hand and your eyes do the work and be quick, and lay several sketches together on the same page.

I sat sketching , holding 6 different ink pens in my left hand, trying to avoid putting ink on my left neighbor’s dress. It also felt like 100°F (38°C) in there and I felt the sweat running down my back but it just felt right to embrace the fleeting moment, and to accept that everything changes continually.  I had the immense pleasure to share those captured images with some of the clown students after the play, when they all came outside and mingled with the public. The funny thing is that they recognized themselves in the drawings, and were so happy to see their efforts in ink on paper.

Artists to artists,  we nurture each other’s creativity, come and have a look and let yourself be inspired to see the world with a clown’s eyes. There’s a clown in every one of us.

Illustrations on Canson paper (ink and mixed media – 24×32 cm (9.4 x 12.6 inch)