Being kind has as many meanings as there are people.  Kindness is something which is not harmful, it never hurts to be kind.  It is our belief that if the world had more kindness, more insightful contemplation and more thought before one does, then it would indeed be a much better place for us all to live.  This does not mean just humans to live, but for us ALL to truly live – humans, other animals, plants and the entire ecology of this planet and this solar system.  Mixed into this entirety of life is art, and as two fine artists we believe Kind Art has a place in this world.

When we can begin to view ourselves differently, we also begin to view the world differently.  To us, art is a way of viewing the self and it does not matter if one is an artist or one is a viewer.  Fine [anything] takes time, but speed can destroy before anyone has time to truly consider the consequences.  We hope this blog encourages you to slow down your life, consider the choices you make with clarity and to enjoy the art!  Allow the art to speak to you as an individual and translate that knowledge into your every day living.  In doing this, it is our desire that Kind Art can work to Save the World!

Atelier 325 is the name we have given ourselves and it is the parent of Kind Art Save the World blog.  We have a vision that positive, peaceful, loving art can make a difference in our lives and in this world.

In a way, this is an experiment we have been working on for several years.  Atelier 325 is the result of that experiment and our desire is for others to reap the benefit of our collaboration.  We are two independent artists with our own styles and our own backgrounds, but we are working in concert with one another.  It can be a fine dance, but it is also well worth the effort we have put into it.

Andrea Hupke de Palacio is a European artist living in Paris, France.  She has lived in France for many years after moving there from her native Germany.  Andrea’s background is in language translation and textile design.  She has been an artist all her life after being encouraged to follow her creative endeavors since childhood.  Her work mainly consists of painting and drawing at the present; however she is known to get the textile itch from time to time, too.  Andrea is fluent in German, French, English and Spanish.  Andrea’s art is in private collections throughout Europe.

Kim Rodeffer Funk is an American artist currently living in the Washington, DC area.  She has lived in many places in the United States as well as in England.  Her background is in interior design; however her need for greater creative freedom led her to an exploration in fine arts.   She fell in love with painting and has explored all that it involves for many years.  Clearly, she has worked in creative fields for much longer with her design background where she also worked in graphic arts.  Kim’s paintings are in private collections in the United States, Europe and New Zealand.

Collectively, Andrea and Kim have over 60 years of experience in art and other creative fields.

We look forward to having many conversations about life, sustainability, art, earth health and everything kind!


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