Sketchbook Bottles

I have been exploring some line work and been obsessed with bottles lately. This is something I pulled from my sketchbook for you to see.  This was done in a Moleskine watercolor book.  The colors are watercolors and the lines are just done with a technical pen.   KRF


6 thoughts on “Sketchbook Bottles

  1. Thank you, Lesley! It feels very much like a colorful emptiness to me. Do you know how life goes on around you and yet the wonderful feeling when you can find that exceptionally vibrant, but silent, place deep inside of you? I think this is how I felt doing this particular one. Peace, my friend! Kim

  2. Kim, that is what comes to my mind when I look into the vibrant wirling colors in the bottles: expanding, wirling emptiness, which fills stressful void. What I particularly like is the contrast between the colored surface, suggesting volume, and the graphic background! Great research of space and surface!

    • Hello Andrea, thank you so much for your kind and insightful words! It took me a bit of time to come to this conclusion as to what these empty bottles were all about! I really like the contrast, as well. To be honest, doing the graphics of these is very much a meditation for me as this is a way I can allow drawing to just flow out of me. Peace, Kim

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