Honey Lemon Chipolte Glaze

I love lemons.  They are so refreshing and so good for you, too.  I probably use 8 or 10 organic lemons a week.  They are equally fun to sketch, as well.  One day, I just picked up a pencil and did a couple of quick sketches before making dinner.

This particular night we were grilling wild salmon.  I have a glaze I have been making for years which consists of honey, ground chipolte pepper and lemon juice.  It is one of those sweet, hot and acidic tastes that somehow seems to work.  Do you use chipole in your cooking?  We prefer it to regular cayenne pepper as it is far more smoky.  Indeed it is smoked jalapenos!

Do you ever sketch your meals or any parts of them?   KRF


2 thoughts on “Honey Lemon Chipolte Glaze

  1. Hi Kim, I nevre heard about Chipotle, I just looked it up on the internet! I read it’s from the Nahuatl (what?) word chilpoctli meaning smoked chili pepper:) love your little soft sketch here! I will have to look for this pepper, cause I’d really love to try your glazing here. Although, I wonder, I don”t have a grill, perhaps it’s not so good if I make this in the pan….Yummie, I’m hungry now…

    • You might find it in Spanish food shops, I don\’t know. I did not have luck finding it when we lived in England, so my American sources sent it to me. I think this is the best way to eat salmon! I think there are probably lots of ways to cook this that I do not know about. We just have always used a grill.

      I am glad you like these little pencil sketches. Thank You! KRF

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