Derecho Storm



I said to Lesley, who writes the Glitz Art Glass blog, about one of her earlier comments; Andrea and I try to sketch each day.  Andrea is much better at doing that than I am, but I try.  Last week when the “derecho storm” hit our area things were really thrown off.  We lost power (and many poor souls still do not have it returned to them), internet, cell/mobile and land line phones, emergency contact phone (911) and we were even boiling our drinking water for a bit.  In a moment our lives were turned topsy-turvy, as we had very little warning about the destructive power of this thing.  During the event, I completely forgot about sketching as I was trying to keep myself cool and after that there were far too many other things happening like checking on people who still did not have power, etc.  I finally got around to making this sketch while looking out my front window, because going outside in this heat was not going to happen! Okay, so Andrea prodded me along to make it, too!

The frequency of these amazing storms really befuddles me.  You think of hurricanes and earthquakes doing tons of damage, but who had heard of “derecho”, well maybe weather people, but not so much artists!  Lesley also reminded me it was last year this time when New Zealand was suffering with the wrath of nature with mud slides and terrible flooding not to mention that being on the heels of two devastating earthquakes.  The wildfire in Colorado Springs has also had its way with a heavily populated area.  Sometimes I wonder if the earth is trying to tell us something.  In the end, she will win!


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