In the morning

Ink and watercolor sketch

What are you doing? Will you play with me? Oh, you draw….Ok then, I’ll take a little nap!


6 thoughts on “In the morning

  1. Andrea, these are wonderful thumbnails. Knut is so active, but he is still quite the kitten, maybe. You seem to really capture his personality here. He look like an exhibitionists! 🙂 Peace, Kim

  2. I’m loving your cat sketches Andrea. I’m also a cat lover :). Is your cat a tabby (stripey) – I wonder because of the 3 stripes on his/her tail. Watching a cat always makes me happy!

    • Hi Lesley, Knut is stripey on his tail and his head only:) when he was little, he was white, now he’s more creamcolored, with cinammon ears and blue eyes…thanks again for your comment!

    • Hello welcome and thank you for your comment. My two cats are my models for life drawings…they are always around, so I can sketch them every day. Thanks again for stopping b!

  3. Hi Lesley, Doesn’t Andrea do an awesome job with these kitties. Like you, she lives with them and knows them quite well. You need to get Andrea to tell you the story of Knut! Thanks for stopping by!

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