Plastic Nemesis


One might normally say they have a love/hate relationship with something, but I am not finding a great deal of “love” in my relationship with plastics!  They are bad for the environment, they are bad for your health and they have caused so many issues it is hard to name them all.  Of course, it is nearly impossible to live a life in the western world without plastic, too.  It is everywhere, in our homes, in our cars, in my studio, etc.  I can’t get away from it, but I can limit it in my kitchen and recycle as much as possible.  What our recycling company will not take, we try to find a way to get it reused.  Do you return your plastic bags to the store?  That is an important thing to do.  I shop at a grocery store that has stopped using plastic carrier bags, although I always carry reusable bags with me – they are attached to my set of keys!  In my kitchen, I now use glass and aluminum where I used to use plastic!  I am sure many of you already know about BPA (Bisphenol A) in plastics, so I will not even go into that here on an art blog!  I just want to encourage you to remember to be thoughtful when you make purchases.

This particular non-dominate hand sketch is of a satchel I found when we lived in England.  I love it so much and it is made from recycled plastic bags!  When you can’t recycle the plastic you have at home, think of another use for the item.  The environment will thank you and your health will reward you!

Have a Wonderful Weekend!


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