Recipe page – oilpastel, watercolor, ink

oups oups, I wrote this text in photoshop, and discovered the spelling errors afterwards, please forgive me…BON APPETIT MES AMIS (AMIS means friends, men AND women, if I addressed this only to women-friends it would be AMIES:)


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  1. Ohhh, this looks so good and easy, too! I can’t wait to try it. I love the paintings you have done with this as it it makes the recipe come alive! Fun!

  2. The blog has changed! Love the painted recipes – try not to eat much pasta these days, but I can appreciate the artwork – and the sauces, of course. Aren’t the faces of the pugs enough to break your heart? Arohanui, Lesley

    • Hi Lesley, we have decided to go forward with doing this thing. Andrea and I try (the operative word for me, Andrea is much better) to sketch each day. We eat each day, so we thought why not share some of these things. In addition, we both try to eat local, organic and biodiversely so in those ways we are working to make the world a better place, not to mention ourselves. Thank you so much Lesley for stopping by and leaving a comment, though. There will be other recipes which pop up here along with other bits and pieces, too. When our sketches don’t relate to sustainability, we pop them in over at our personal blogs. 🙂 To me, pugs look sad even when they are happy. This organization is really doing some good work as do all animal rescue organizations. Kim

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