RECIPE: Salmon under mustard cover (Saumon à la moutarde)

Do you like Salmon? We had Salmon for lunch yesterday. My boyfriend cooked, I painted.

Here’s the recipe:

Saumon à la Moutarde – ink and oilpastel


a big filet of Salmon for two, (if it still has one side with the skin, put it skin down) – freshly ground black pepper,  – sea salt, –  freshly chopped parsley (and if you find it, some chervil and red juniper berries),  – Dijon mustard,  – olive oil.

Put the salmon in a baking dish, spread a thick layer (1 cm) of mustard onto the filet, and sprinkle the spices over it. Then pour some olive oil (at least three big soup spoons full) around the filet, tighten a piece of aluminum foil over the baking dish.

Into the oven with it, for 20 minutes, at 200 °C (392 °F)


PS: If you can, buy organic (bio-) salmon.

PPS: Wow, I’m really hungry now….


6 thoughts on “RECIPE: Salmon under mustard cover (Saumon à la moutarde)

    • hello Robin, thanks so much for stopping by, it’s a great recipe and really tastes wonderful, it’s the boyfriend’s recipe:) Yes, me too
      I like men who know how to cook:). I used to love to cook but it’s weird, I always am too busy with my art now to really appreciate it…

    • Hi Robin and welcome to Kind Art! I love to try Andrea’s recipes, even if they come from other people she knows, because they always have just a little different twist on them. I am going to come over and visit you now! Kim

  1. Oh I LOVE Salmon. This looks great. Kim came to my blog and told me to come check this out.
    Thank you Kim. Andrea, its Always good to find a guy who cooks.. now if he only made beds.. LOL just kidding.. LOL

    • Always, Cris! I will come by and let you know there is a new recipe here now! Andrea has a way of finding some good guys, that is for sure! Those French men seem to really enjoy cooking, too. Made beds? Well, I will not show you my beds here! Nope, I would much rather paint! 🙂

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