Quick Sketch and Help for Sensitive Skin


I am working on doing some quick (not drafted) sketches.  They don’t always come out straight, but it is nice to allow yourself what comes out to open up for ideas for larger painting ideas.  This particular sketch was of a few things which were on my table the other day.  The body cream you see here is by 100%Pure.  They have amazing products made from natural, organic ingredients.  I, personally, have very sensitive skin, so they are a life saver to me.  Their mascara is the only brand I have found I can tolerate.  So if you have sensitive skin or you are just concerned about the products you put on your body as well as in it, I highly recommend 100% Pure.  Do you have a brand you like?


2 thoughts on “Quick Sketch and Help for Sensitive Skin

  1. Hi Kim – these little sketches are fun! I love their quirkeness – and I would LOVE to be able to sketch as well as this just right onto the page. You are so talented, my friend!
    I also love natural organic cosmetics and use a few brands made in New Zealand and locally – which adds another layer of sustainability for me. However, I do also use a few of the mainstream brands – I bought a Revlon lipstick the other day and love that too. It’s interesting to see that hand cream is part of your normal montage too :).

    • I like their quirkeness, as well! They truly are a challenge for me to just let them be and not try to overlay and overlay them about 10 times to get the perspective right and everything perfect! I really struggle to let go of the drafting of my past. LOL, I am sure you can just let go and allow to happen what happens. For me, the most wonderful thing is to just to see a “sketching personality” show through. Thank you for your very, very kind words.

      Oh, Lesley, with my skin I really have to be very careful. I am glad to hear you are finding incredibly wonderful organic products right in your own back yard…that is absolutely the the very best of the best…organic, local and completely nourishing for you and for the planet.

      Oh, I have to keep creams everywhere in the house. Sometimes, I can’t get to them fast enough to get relief. The summers are especially challenging! This particular brand is fairly easy for me to obtain, but I am also always looking around. 🙂

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