Tree Canopy Coverage


I am playing with the issue tree canopy coverage in this sketch.  Do your part to keep as many trees as possible on this earth!  They, too, belong in the great web of life.


2 thoughts on “Tree Canopy Coverage

  1. Great painting, Kim – I want to set a Richard Scarey story in here! So true about the trees – it would be interesting to know how many I have planted in my lifetime. I love planning gardens and planting trees!

    • Thank you, Lesley! I love that idea of a Richard Scarey story inside this painting.

      I hear you about planting trees. I can’t say I have done a lot of that as I am not the gardener in the family, but there is a guy here who can’t get enough trees in the yard. He also becomes quite attached to them, babying them along until they are well established and fretting over proper pruning, etc.

      Gardening is just not my thing. I usually end up killing plants rather than growing them. It is probably a gross motor skill vs a fine motor skill. Gardening is like a sport, I think.

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